I have always been very fond of peaches .. Recently after my nutella craze. I started to experiment with peaches. I came across another one of those easy lazy recipes. It only requires 5 ingredients and you are good to go. One of those panic attack recipes as I like to call them. Just in case you have guests showing up and don’t know what to do .. whip these up .. :)  Ingredients : Peaches, Cinnamon, butter, ice-cream (vanilla or I used butter pecan) and brown sugar.

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There has been a mania of nutella going around for some time now, and it caught me as well. Such a simple ingredient can be woven in to so many different things.I have never seen anything like this, It boggled my mind when I came across this post on a friends wall.. I had to give it a try. It required a lot of nutella disks.. some of which didn’t even reach the pan to be embedded within the pancakes. Be very careful when transferring the disks because they melt very quickly. A sweet little twist to add to your morning breakfast. I used a regular pancake recipe. Ingredients: Nutella, Sugar, flour, eggs, butter, baking soda, baking powder, salt and buttermilk.

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Appetizers are really my favorite thing to make. It demands so much attention to details and meticulous arrangements of assorted ingredients to come up with decorative little morsels. It gives me so much joy to actually design food and in a way dress it up to sit on my dishes like super seductive models ready to be photographed. I have been playing around with the new found ingredient “ kataifi “, it is a style of filo pastry that resemble spaghetti. Commonly found in Greek and Mediterranean desserts. This time I have done two dishes with one ingredient. Scallops wrapped in Kataifi and Kaitaifi prawns with honey chili dipping sauce.


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Ripple Cake


One of my most sweetest and cutest friend (Nabila) decided to drop by from New Jersey this week. So I thought of making a sweet little something for her. It’s the most easiest dessert ever, it requires very few ingredients and takes about 10 minutes to prepare. The best part is that you can do it the night before. You can choose to do it in a bowl as I have done and pipped the left over cream over the top. Or you can make it in to a log as the recipe below read. I got this recipe from a very near and dear person to my heart… Kakon Api. Thank you so much! This is one of mine and Rishi’s favourite desserts. Ingredients: Whipping cream, Sugar, Vanilla extract, Chocolate biscuits (Cocoa powder, strawberries or raspberries are optional)


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