Part of my freedom and my mental peace relies on preparing food. I didn’t know I was so dependent on cooking before all hell broke loose in my world recently. The subliminal joys of life come forth at the most trivial times of our lives. Wishing you all a good day and may a lot of your special little needs be fulfilled by special little moments. Morning breakfast or brunch : Multi-grain bread, Smoked salmon, Goats cheese, Poached eggs, Coriander leaves and Sliced avocados. Remembering your salmon sandwiches at the middle of the night 


My favorite snack, flavored low fat peach and mango yoghurt with granola on top and some frozen raspberries. Its not much of a recipe anyway.. but the simple things in life are sometimes the best things you can ask for.


Haven’t been able to post things at all from all the hustle and bustle going on for the last few weeks of my life. I have made mogoj shingara a few weeks ago. I started to think one day that this should be a recipe if it isn’t already because I have never had a mogoj (lamb brains) shingara before. To my surprise after making it … I asked my mom and Oni apu and they have had it before. What you know ? I didn’t follow any recipes for this. Just made it as I would make a normal shingara with potatoes and panch phoron. Sorry if anybody wants to taste these, you can order recipes from my album for me to make when and if I come back. 


The filling was so versatile that I had it with some brown rice. And also used it on an omelette for my morning breakfast. Its easy and doesn’t take much to prep. Ingredients : Capsicum,Potatoes, Red kidney beans, coriander, Tomatoes, mince beef, onions and Mexican spice mix with sour cream or guacamole and shredded cheese to serve.


Kacha Golla to celebrate Valentine’s day .. His favorite I never tasted it myself before which is why it was hard to determine the consistency I am looking for while making it. But after much struggles it turned out pretty ok… The process is simple but it is time consuming nevertheless. .. Ingredients : Mawa, Cream, Chana and Chini. Thanks to Oni apu for inspiring me …

For Recipe Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2kyUoJdbg8&list=PLnazb0W7k49nLLZdKreS3v58-TpCYKrM2&index=29